About nrg Photovoltaic

Investment in photovoltaic systems, with the reliability and know-how of nrg!

Our aim here at nrg is to cover all your energy needs. We offer a wide range of energy services so as to provide you with comprehensive solutions for your home or business.  Our nrg photovoltaic service allows you to install your own photovoltaic system on your roof, with the reliability and know-how of nrg!

Come to nrg so we can discuss all the benefits you have from the installation of a photovoltaic system on your roof and the great savings you can enjoy through the net metering system.

What is net metering;

The term net metering means offsetting the produced with the consumed energy, which is one of the basic tools for the promotion of self-produced electricity through photovoltaic systems.  Net metering gives you the opportunity to cover your energy needs yourself and at the same time reduce your energy footprint as well as the cost of your electricity consumption!

More information on net metering here

Assess the benefits of net metering for your installation!

  • How much can I reduce my energy footprint?
  • How much money can I save annually on my electricity bill?
  • What is the cost of such investment?
  • How much area is needed in order to install such a system on my roof?

Get answers to all your questions quick and easy, through nrg’s Calculator tool!


Photovoltaic systems by nrg!

nrg offers you the full range of services concerning the installation of your own photovoltaic system and gives you 2 years of maintenance free of charge!

nrg’s network of solar installers undertakes on your behalf the design and installation of the optimal photovoltaic system for you, taking the following steps:

  • Evaluation of your space and your energy needs
  • Conclusion of the licensing procedure
  • Supply of the required equipment and installation in your premises

Final delivery of your own photovoltaic system in full operation!