nrg drives the future of electromobility!

Electromobility is not a luxury anymore, it is not something from the distant future. Electromobility is here today and we at nrg are pioneers in this sector too.

Exclusive home charging packages for your Electric or Plug in Hybrid vehicle.

Our goal here at nrg is to offer consumers a multitude of privileges and innovative services that will include the recharging of their vehicles. Therefore, through our electromobility packages, nrg OnTheGo we offer free electric power for the charging of your Electric or Plug in Hybrid vehicle for a whole year! Besides the extremely competitive electricity consumption rates, our nrg OnTheGo plan includes special deals also for the purchase of a Smart home charger.

Furthermore, the customers of nrg’s electromobility plans also receive a free nrg green subscription, which provides the customer with an electronic certificate (Guarantees of Origin) which certifies that for the electricity you consumed in a given time period, nrg has exclusively committed to your name, equal energy, produced by Certified Renewable Energy Sources.
Learn more about the nrg green subscription here.

At the same time, within the framework of the strategic partnership developed between nrg and the BMW GROUP since 2019, our common customers enjoy, further to the above electromobility privileges, a series of extra benefits as well as the possibility to recharge their vehicles at all MOTOR OIL GROUP fuel stations in the national road network totally free of charge for the first year and with a 20% discount in the following years. 

Smart Charging experience from nrg

Smart Home Charging with nrg’s wallbox

wallbox nrg ABB

nrg offers its customers the Smart EV home chargers Terra AC wallbox by ΑΒΒ with great advantages.
AC wall chargers are the most economical, user-friendly, quick charging solutions. 

The new, easy to install, compact Tera AC wallbox by ABB is the ideal solution for all homes. Connect your vehicle and continue on with your day!

Price list for the Smart home charger Terra AC wallbox

The Smart EV home charger ABB Terra AC wallbox is offered by nrg at bargain prices, fully subsidized by the state subsidy plan for electric vehicles “kinoumeilektika”.


In particular, the customers of the nrg OnTheGo plan, earn a 30% discount on the purchase of the smart charger ABB. In addition, through the EV state subsidy plan “kinoumeilektrika” they earn five hundred euros (500€).  Therefore, the final benefit for the customers, selecting single-phase charger Terra AC wallbox with capacity 7,4kW/32A, amounts to 839€ including VAT, while selecting three-phase charger with capacity 22kW/32A, the final benefit amounts to 861€ including VAT.

For the common nrg & BMW GROUP customers, the final cost is significantly low.
The promotion nrg OnTheGo ΒΜW GROUP provides all customers with a 45% discount on the purchase of the smart charger ABB. While, through the EV state subsidy plan “kinoumeilektrika” they earn five hundred euros (500€). The final benefit for the customers, selecting the Smart Terra AC wallbox with capacity 7,4kW/32A, amounts to 1.007€ including VAT, while for the Smart Terra ACC wallbox with capacity of 22kW/32A, the benefit amounts to 1.041€ including VAT.

  Initial price list for the Smart home charger Terra AC wallbox

Type of Smart Charger ABB

Single phase
7,4kW/32A-TAC W7,4-T-0

Three phase
22kW/32A-TAC W22-T-0

Initial price excl. VAT



Initial price incl. VAT



Price (30% discount) nrg OnTheGo excl. VAT



Price (30% discount) nrg OnTheGo incl. VAT



Subsidy" KINOUME ilektrika"



Final cost of the charger with the 30% discount nrg OnTheGo + Subsidy



Final benefit







Type of Smart Charger ABB

Single phase
7,4kW/32A-TAC W7,4-T-0

Three phase
22kW/32A-TAC W22-T-0

Initial price excl. VAT



Initial price incl. VAT



Price (45% discount) nrg OnTheGo BMW GROUP excl. VAT



Price (45% discount) nrg OnTheGo BMW GROUP incl. VAT



Subsidy" KINOUME ilektrika"



Final cost of the charger with the 45% discount nrg OnTheGo BMW GROUP + Subsidy



Final benefit




* ABB Chargers are fully subsidized through the Action of subsidizing electric motorcycles and bicycles "KINOUME ilektrika".

See more here for the state action "KINOUME ilektrika"

The future of electromobility coincides with nrg!

nrg charging stations network, in collaboration with the fuel stations of the Motor Oil Group.

In order to serve all the needs of the consumer who decides to make the transition to an electric vehicle, nrg is constantly investing in electromobility and the development of the desired infrastructure and services.

Starting in July 2019, in collaboration with the Motor Oil Group fuel stations, nrg started developing the largest network of fast charging stations in the country, counting so far 12 stations along the national road network.  

Nrg’s charging stations network features the most advanced EV chargers in Europe.  In particular, nrg has installed Terra 54 High Voltage 900 Volt chargers, which can recharge the battery of your vehicle to 80% capacity in only 15-20 minutes.

The EV charging stations are located in fuel stations on highways and cover a large part of the road network in Greece.  They are located in the following areas:

  • AVIN - MSS Evinochoriou on both directions

  • MSS Episkopikou on both directions

  • Shell – MSS Atalantis on both directions

  • MSS Sofades on both directions

  • MSS Amvrakias – Amfilochias on both directions

  • MSS Filipiadas on both directions

See here nrg’s charging network on the map

Two of the main pillars of the Group’s and nrg’s activity is green energy and sustainability. To that direction the energy supplied in nrg’s network of fast charging stations comes from 100% renewable energy sources, which have zero carbon footprint. 

nrg’s goal for the next few years is to fully cover the entire road network in Greece through the fuel stations of the Motor Oil Group, while also developing its network in the large urban centers.

Fast chargers Terra 54 High Voltage

ABB’s fast chargers Terra 54 High Voltage are the most advanced and fastest chargers in Europe, suitable for fast charging electric vehicles with a capacity of up to 50 kW and cover all charging protocols available today.  In particular they can support both Direct Current (DC) charging (CCS and CHAdeMO protocols) and Alternating Current (AC) charging.

Characteristics and competitive advantages:

1. They feature:

  • Touchscreen display for easy operation by the end user, with adjustable lighting depending on the daylight.
  • Graphic visualization of the charging status and progress.
  • Billing the end customer through RFID authorization
  • New connectors for easier operation and more stable holding, as well as CE certification.

2. Their redesigned casing increases functionality and reliability.
3. All chargers come with integrated connected services, allowing remote monitoring, diagnostics, statistics and software updates and upgrades.
4. There are designed for continuous operation at maximum capacity.
5. They comply with all relevant international standards, including the EMC Class B standard, required for their safe operation at fuel stations.

nrg and the ΒΜW GROUP introduce a new era in electromobility!

One of nrg’s main goals has always been to develop strategic partnerships in order to serve its customers in the best possible way.
In achieving the above goal, nrg has developed a strategic partnership, since November 2019, with the BMW GROUP, the leader of the electromobility market in Greece.

The main objective of this partnership is to unite forces with the BMW GROUP so as to offer more comprehensive services to our common customers.


The collaboration of these two leading companies provides the Greek public with the opportunity to learn much more about electromobility and its benefits in our daily lives. Applying a series of targeted actions, nrg and the ΒΜW GROUP bring Greek drivers a step closer to the latest technology electric vehicles.

In order to train the whole nrg electromobility team properly so that it can offer the best possible services to its customers, nrg organized last summer a series of “educational test drives” using a BMW i3, in collaboration with Kostas and Manos Stefanis, where company employees test drove the BMWi3 with Kostas Stefanis as their co-driver.

The employees of nrg had the opportunity to explore the possibilities of the electric vehicle, learn about the vehicle’s zero emissions, the ways and benefits of recharging and live the recharging experience in one of the many charging points of the nrg network around the country.

Enjoy the video!

Electromobility technology

Electromobility technology provides significant advantages to both the driver and the environment, since electric vehicles have a higher energy efficiency ratio compared to vehicles with internal combustion engines.

Advantages and benefits of electric vehicles:

  • They don’t have any type of tailpipe emissions.
  • They cause the minimum possible pollution on a long-term basis, provided they use electric power generated from renewable energy sources.  This way they can mitigate the consequences of global warming caused by the greenhouse effect and lessen our dependence on diesel.
  • They produce less noise than internal combustion engines, thus decreasing noise pollution in cities and burdening natural ecosystems less.
  • They achieve a constant torque power from idle to the maximum rpm limit.
  • They can operate in higher rpm’s than petrol engines, reaching even 14,000 rpms.
  • They have a lower operating cost, since the price of electricity is lower per energy unit that the price of fuel. Furthermore, electric cars are designed so that they self-recharge when the vehicle slows down (regenerative braking), improving consumption even more, while they consume no energy at all when stopped.
  • They need much less service and maintenance.

Advantages and benefits of Plug-in hybrid vehicles:

  • They have low exhaust emissions when in motion.
  • They have a lower total emissions footprint (even lower if they are charged from renewable energy sources).
  • They can move on electric power only for normal daily driving needs (mostly in urban centers) thus offering all the advantages of an electric vehicle.
  • They have better performance and efficiency, since the electric motor adds to the power output and torque of the engine.
  • The higher power output can be achieved with smaller displacement internal combustion engines, which provides tax benefits to the owner.
  • They can recharge their battery while moving and regenerate energy through braking, so they gain the energy required for electric-only driving.
  • They can travel long distances without needing to recharge their battery from an external energy source.
  • The use of the electric motor during electric-only driving does not add mileage and hours of operation to the internal combustion engine, thus reducing its wear and tear as well as  its maintenance needs.

The advantages/benefits of electric vehicles rely on their ability to recharge from an external source.  Therefore, the availability of an adequate EV recharging network is significant, in particular for electric vehicles, where the only energy source comes from external recharging points.  A well-arranged network with fast charging stations allows electric vehicles to travel long distances regardless of their range.

In light of the above, nrg in collaboration with the fuel stations of the Motor Oil Group, has already departed on the development of the largest fast-charging network in the country and continues expanding it so that in the near future it can cover even more locations nationally.