nrg on time

Zero guarantee deposit with activation of standing bank order

Get a green certificate for your home and contribute to environmental sustainability for just 2,5€/month.

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Initial rate: [(1.18 X M.T.A.) + 0.0350€/kWh] + fixed fee

There is also a consistent bill payment discount calculated on the margin of the supplier

The electricity supply rate of the plan shall be determined on the basis of the first published by IPTO Weighted Average Purchase Price ‘M.T.A.’, which is published monthly and ex-post here.


Discounts on the fixed fee:

  • 1,8€/month with e-bill and standing order
  • 2,8€/month on standing order activation
  • 3,8€/month with e-bill


Initial fixed fee: 4,8€/month. The monthly fixed fee amount is 30 calendar days. The charge (1.18 x M.T.A.) + 0.0299€/kWh refers to the competitive arm of the tariff.


To activate e-bill, enter mynrg and select e-bill from the settings. See step-by-step instructions to activate e-bill here.


Zero guarantee deposit with standing payment order.


In order to activate the standing order for your delivery, you will need to go to your bank's web banking and using the payment code (RF) listed on the first page of your account to activate your standing bank order. The process of activating the standing order is carried out exclusively through the banking system. Please contact your bank for further clarification and any problem you encounter during the activation process.


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