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Frequently Asked Questions

nrg offers you significant discounts, while providing high-level services geared to meeting the specific needs and demands of each customer.

In order to become a NRG customer, just click on the link and complete the supplier change procedure.
Alternatively, you can call us at 18101 to speak directly with a representative of our company. In any case, there is no charge for you whatsoever and no changes to your meter.

There is no cost at all when switching supplier

There will be no power interruption/cut off at all, as the change is purely commercial

The time required is approximately 4 business days from the date you sign the application

You can now follow up the progress of your application by registering with You will receive an SMS as soon as your application process is complete. 

The duration of the contract you'ii sign with nrg depends on the energy plan you choose. In any case, nrg offers both energy supply plans with an indefinite period term and plans with a fixed term.

For any power faults/failures you should contact DEDDIE by calling 11500 or you can declare the problem/fault online by clicking here. Faults/failures are repaired by DEDDIE}. 

You'll receive a bill every month.

The ESTIMATED bill is based on an estimate of the electricity consumption. This estimate is based on the historical consumption data of the invoiced Meter, and the amount charged is then deducted from the next actual bill.

"The Regulated Charges relate to costs for:



  • The Hellenic Electricity Transmission System
  • The Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network
  • The Services of General Interest
  • The Special Duty for the Reduction of Air Pollutant Emissions (ETMEAP)
  • Other Charges

The electricity bill includes different categories of charges, namely:

Electricity Charges, Regulated Charges, Taxes and Duties, Charges in favour of third parties.

The Electricity Consumption Charges is the only category, where charges may vary depending on the Supplier. The remaining categories are fixed for all Suppliers and are paid to Public Authorities.

DEDDIE provides nrg with the meter readings of its low voltage customers. For Medium - Voltage customers, meter readings are taken by both the ADMIE and the DEDDIE. Both operators send their meter readings to nrg, which then calculates the charges on your bill.    

You may register/submit the meter readings of all your connections via the  mynrg app, by selecting the field "Reading Registration"

You should lodge a written complaint with nrg to challenge the meter reading. nrg will forward your request to the relevant DEDDIE Department and will inform you of their response. To find the relevant document click here

You can pay your bill in a quick and easy manner through the mynrg app.  Alternatively, you can use the Eurobank network, without charge, by using the electronic payment code, and pay your bill in the following ways:

  • By Standing Order through your Bank Account
  • By Payment in Cash
  • By debiting a Bank Account
  • By using the Bank’s Web Banking service
  • By using the Bank’s Phone Banking service