nrg photovoltaic

nrg photovoltaic…lower your monthly bill, by producing your own electricity

Save up to 90% on your electricity bill, by investing in green energy!

Our nrg photovoltaic service, enables you to install your own
Subsidized Photovoltaic System on your roof, with or without a battery.

Now, having the sun as your ally, you can become energy self-sufficient by storing the green energy produced by your own photovoltaic system and at the same time reduce your monthly bill and your environmental footprint.

We will do everything, the entire process, from beginning to end so you can save time and money.

Save up to 100% with the program “Photovoltaic on the Roofs”

Take advantage of the state subsidy program “Photovoltaic on the Roofs” that is available today and applies to all home and agricultural electricity supply connections.

  • The program covers Photovoltaic systems and subsidizes up to 100% for the battery and up to 65% for your photovoltaic system.
  • For agricultural connections, the state subsidy program applies to photovoltaic systems with or without battery.

We will undertake the whole process for the State subsidy on your behalf!

Maximize your benefits with the power of the sun.

In order to maximize the benefits of the nrg photovoltaic program, you can choose the service nrg photovoltaic with Battery. By storing the green energy produced by your photovoltaic system from the power of the sun, you become energy self-sufficient, you reduce your monthly bill and at the same time you improve your environmental footprint.

We have ensured cooperation with the leading companies in batteries, HUAWEI (type LUNA2000) and BYD (B-BOX PREMIUM HVS), with international safety certificates and 10-year warranty.



Make your own nrg photovoltaic system, quickly and easy!

Find out about the most suitable photovoltaic for you, the cost of the investment, the time to recover your investment, the annual savings, the flexible investment plan with zero participation and without a loan repayment penalty.

And we will make it happen, providing you with:

  • FREE maintenance for 2 years
  • FREE Inspection
  • FREE Installation

FINANCING from nrg

For your photovoltaic choose the payment plan you want!

We can provide financing for the installation of your photovoltaic system.

  • Loan with a privileged fixed interest rate 
  • No down payment
  • Immediate loan approval
  • Financing for up to 10,000€
  • Choose the payment plan that suits you best. Pay back in:
    • 0 - 36 installments for loan amounts 0 – 5,000€
    • 0 - 60 installments for loan amounts 5,001€ - 10,000€
  • Loan repayment possibility at any time, without any further charges
  • We can undertake the whole loan application process without you having to go to the bank.