Logic says nrg for the smart home too!

Control everything in your home, from wherever you are, using nrg’s unique app!

allSmart HΟΜΕ, powered by nrg: the Smart Home application that allows you to gain control of your home from your mobile, wherever you are!

The Smart Home app that lets you take control of your home from your mobile phone, wherever you are! The only integrated Smart Home service that allows you to connect with more than 25 smart devices from different brands, all compatible with the same application!  You can now have, totally free of charge, new capabilities in your home for maximum security, comfort, energy conservation and excellent money savings!

Download the application on your mobile phone, completely free of charge!

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What does it mean to gain control of my home from one app?

  • Imagine having a helper in your own home who is always by your side, listening to you and meeting your needs.

  • Turns off the lights when you do not need them, turns them on when you enter the house and prepares your coffee at the time you want.

  • Consider providing such security so that you know at all times if you have left a device on when you leave home and can turn it off remotely.

  • Send you a notification if there is a water leak somewhere in your house or if a door has opened while you are on vacation.

This assistant is not a science fiction robot. It is the only allSmart HOME application powered by nrg, which you can get completely free today, for Android and iOS devices.

Think of having your own assistant in your house, who is always next to you, listening and satisfying your needs.


The advantages of the application

  • Support 25+ devices from different manufacturers.
  • Security, control, comfort, economy and energy management through a single application.
  • Protect and control your personal data.
  • Detailed data and power consumption graphs of the devices you are using.
  • Direct real-time support from the nrg Expert Team!

Over 25 smart devices of different brands compatible with the same application!

The allSmart HOME app by nrg is the only application that supports compatibility for a large number of devices from different brands, from the most developed Smart Home markets in the world.  

Philips, Amazon, Google, Gosund, Lixx devices and many other brands all under your control from the same application. Forget having to use multiple apps and stop worrying once and for all, because now you can control everything in your home with a simple click! 

Learn more about all device categories supported by nrg’s allsmart Home app at the link below.

Easy ideas for using the app

  • Install and control all devices remotely
  • Switch off the devices remotely, when not in use
  • Check if you have left devices on, even when you are away from home
  • Save energy and money through the weekly programming of your devices
  • Set the activation of your favorite devices automatically, for when you return home
  • Enjoy security and control of your home, by receiving notifications from the app
  • Create time-plans to turn on and off the light in specific areas of the house, according to your schedule

Enhance the quality of your lifestyle with nrg’s Smart Home Technology!

nrg’s AllSmart Home is more than just another application. It is an innovative, integrated service based on IoT (Internet of Things) technology that creates new features regarding comfort, energy efficiency, security and protection in your personal space.

Now you can remotely manage the devices in your home and create quick, simple automation plans that fit your lifestyle, meeting your needs for maximum comfort and safety, even when you're away.

We at nrg offer a wealth of innovative services and products to optimize your daily life and lifestyle. And we do it completely free with our new application, allsmart Home, powered by nrg.

Download the app for iOS and Android devices:

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See the link below for frequently asked questions with their answers, about the function of the app and about nrg's smart devices.

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