Smart Devices

Categories of smart devices

1. Security, Control & Protection

nrg's smart sensors allow you to receive notifications when something unusual happens at home, through smart water sensors and smart door-window sensors.

The sensors are used more often on doors and windows that can be potential entry points in your home. Through the app, you can receive a notification if someone uses one of the entry points you have set. In addition, water sensors operate in a similar way and are usually placed on the ground for earlier detection.

2. Entertainment, Lighting & Savings

Entertainment is another benefit of a smart home system and is easy and simple to operate with smart speakers and smart flashing lamps that match the music volume!

Furthermore, now you can also enjoy significant reductions in your electricity bill, saving energy while protecting the environment! The allsmart Home app, powered by nrg, lets you use the devices you want, exactly for the time you want, reducing the amount of energy you consume. Control your room lighting with smart lamps, program your devices with smart sockets and multiple socket outlets, and monitor how much energy you have consumed.

  • Smart lighting: Use smart lamps to turn conventional lights into smart lights. By replacing your old lamps with smart lamps, you can automate your entire lighting grid! Smart lamps allow you to adjust the lighting of your room - the intensity, brightness, color and ambiance of a room. Use smart LED strips that support 16 million colors, to create a nice ambience, or even enjoy fun activities and games with children.
  • Smart sockets and multiple socket outletsSave money by controlling even forgotten devices that you left on, while you are away from your home. Schedule them to turn on and off at the time you set.
  • Smart speakers: Using smart speakers that are compatible with the nrg app, you can do much more than just listen to music! They can tell you the weather, keep you up-to-date with the news and act as personal assistants for the integrated smart home service in your house. With the help of "smart" speakers, you can control almost every corner of your home with just your voice. Ask Alexa if the coffee maker in the kitchen is still on, use Siri to turn off the light you left on at the top floor and learn the what the temperature is with Google Assistant.

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