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50 years Motor Oil

The Energy Space is constantly changing.
Our Vision remains the same, for 50 years.

In 1972 we started our course in the field of energy.

50 years....

  • We support the Greek economy with exports to over 45 countries.
  • We give priority to man and society, employing thousands of employees.
  • We invest in new projects and new forms of energy, sustainably and responsibly.
  • We continue, we evolve and we offer, with our eyes on the future.

The Group is a leader in the energy sector - in Greece and in the wider Eastern Mediterranean region. It supports the economy with exports to over 45 countries, thousands of employees and continuous new investments.

Motor Oil is active in the crude oil refining and trading of petroleum products, as well as in the field of LPG, electricity and gas trading and renewable energy sources.

The Refinery is one of the most modern in Europe. It has the ability to process various types of crude and produces a wide range of petroleum products, serving oil trading companies in Greece.

Motor Oil has a significant presence in the internal market through the retail networks of liquid fuels of the subsidiaries AVIN OIL and Coral (former SHELL HELLAS). Coral has been active in the retail market of Cyprus since 2017 and in the market of Serbia since 2018, while recently it was active in the markets of Croatia and Northern Macedonia.

The Group has a presence in the electricity and gas trading market through the subsidiary nrg SUPPLY & TRADING S.A. It proceeds to the creation of 1,000 charging points by the end of 2022 and 2,000 points in five years utilizing the nationwide fuel network Avin and Shell. The aim is for nrg to become the largest and fastest "charger" of electric cars in Greece, covering all roads.

In the field of lubricants it has a presence through the subsidiary LPC, which is active in the industrial production of basic lubricants, in the production and marketing of packaged lubricants, as well as in the marketing of paraffins.

In the LPG sector, through Coral Gas, it stores, packages and trades bulk and bottled LPG, as well as LPG for the movement of vehicles. In 2017 the company established a subsidiary in Cyprus with the aim of expanding its activities abroad.

The Group has developed a significant portfolio of renewable energy projects, which is constantly expanding. Through targeted investments from the end of 2019, the Group has already achieved entry into the RES sector with an installed capacity of 279MW, and 84MW under construction while it has purchased an additional portfolio of licenses to develop a total capacity of 650 MW.

Proceeded in collaboration with GEK TERNA for the joint development, construction and operation of the new state-of-the-art Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Station, fueled by natural gas, installed with a combined capacity of 877 MW, in the industrial area Komotini.

In addition, the construction of a floating storage and regasification unit, FSRU (Floating Storage and Regasification Unit) is planned. The GAS CANE A.E., is a strategic project of international scope. A new import gateway that will serve natural gas consumers in Greece and Southeastern Europe.

The Motor Oil Group is dynamically entering the hydrogen market with two projects of Greek participation in the European IPCEI "Hydrogen". The first project is Blue Med, which concerns the production of blue hydrogen with a very low carbon footprint as well as green hydrogen, with an implementation horizon in 2025. The second project concerns the project for the production of hydrogen with a total capacity of 1.5 GW in Western Macedonia, in under the White Dragon program.



Revenues 2020



in solidarity projects and various sponsorships in 2020



Social Product

116million euros

for Environmental Investments in 2020

30million euros

the largest environmental investment in Greece for waste management


planted trees during 2020


energy savings in 2020


wasted reused or recycled out of total solid waste of production for 2020

Environment And Sustainable Development

Motor Oil’s main objective is to minimize the environmental impact and energy footprint of its operations, in the context of sustainable development. This objective is based on Environmental and Energy Management systems certified according to ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 respectively.

The Environmental and Energy Management Systems are part of the Single Management System and are effective management control tools for achieving environmental policy objectives, which are:

  • to comply fullly with the applicable Greek and European environmental legislation.
  • to operate our plants and facilities according to approved environmental conditions.
  • to sell products which meet European standards on quality and protection of the environment, implementing the necessary projects to modernize the production process.
  • to design and implement the various projects while minimizing the impact on the environment.
  • to apply the Best Available Techniques.
  • to control and, to the extent allowed by the technological and economic potential, to continue reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other gaseous pollutants, as well as the continuous reduction of liquid and solid waste.
  • to control and minimize energy consumption as far as possible.
  • to prevent any risk of pollution, minimize the likelihood of an environmental accident and to develop, test and implement emergency response procedures.
  • to train and raise awareness for all company staff, as well as contractors working on our premises, in the implementation of our environmental policy.
  • to evaluate our environmental performance and continuously improve our Environmental Management System.
  • to develop interaction and dialog with all stakeholders, and in particular with the local communities where the company's premises are located.

For the Motor Oil Group, the preservation and protection of the natural environment and biodiversity is a commitment.

In this context, the Motor Oil Group treats forest ecosystems globally, taking care of the various phases of their life cycle and strengthening all levels of biodiversity organization. Adopted the forest gin of Amygdaleza, the only supplier of certified seeds for public and private nurseries.

The environmental strategy of the Group is evolving with the second phase of reforestation that began in March 2021. After the first phase of reforestation of 100 acres in Panorama 3 of Kineta of the Municipality of Megara, the second phase began in November 2021 in Venistres of Gali settlement. The total area of ​​the area that will be reforested amounts to 600 acres. For the first time in Greece, part of the forest area will be reforested on a pilot basis using Drone Seeding technology.

The Motor Oil Group leads the shaping of a sustainable energy future, with stability and consistency. With a targeted investment plan, with activity in all areas of energy development, aiming at a sustainable, fair transition and long-term support in the social fabric.

The Group's strategic planning is in full compliance with the Europe Green Agreement, the Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, aiming at the energy transition and the minimization of the environmental footprint of its actions.


Human Resources

Motor oil is one of the most important(biggest) employers in Greece. At the end of 2020, the number of staff employed reached 2.792 persons.

Our employees are the most valuable asset in achieving our strategic objectives and implementing development programs. In this context Motor oil has developed a well-organized and sustainable Human Resources Division aimed at identifying, attracting, developing and maintaining competent workers and managers. Ιn 2020, our employees were trained totally 19,674 hours.

The aim is to ensure a safe and fair working environment, which respects the human being and promotes trust, team spirit and efficiency.

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Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2019