Prime Healthcare Program

Enjoy Free and Privileged healthcare benefits with the nrg prime energy plans.

We at nrg stand by you and we reward your trust in us, aiming always to deliver more than you expect.

Through the nrg prime plans for electricity, gas and both combined, we are taking an additional step toward meeting the needs of the modern Greek family and individual, offering unique benefits through our prime healthcare program and our collaboration with the medical services provider New Health System (NHS).

FREE benefits of the prime healthcare program

  • Doctor visits - emergency room visits, with all on-duty specialists in the outpatient depts. of all contracted medical institutions.
  • Annual blood check-up.
  • Annual dental check-up.
  • Annual ophthalmic examination.
  • Free dermatology / aesthetic benefits at selected face and body treatments:
    • Dermatological facial cleansing.
    • Photo-dynamic face regeneration therapy.
    • Anti-aging therapy.
    • Facial mole dermoscopy.

Privileged benefits of the prime healthcare program

  • Unlimited outpatient visits in contracted medical institutions with a visit fee of only €10.
  • Unlimited diagnostic tests paying only 50% -75% participation fee.
  • Unlimited dental treatments with a discount of up to 50%.
  • Free purchase of prescription eyeglasses - 60% subsidy for up to €250.
  • Unlimited physical-therapy sessions: 15€/session.
  • Unlimited speech therapy sessions with 20€/session member fee.
  • Dermatological complete facial and body treatments at a 25%-50% discount


Terms and conditions of the prime Healthcare Program here

How can I get the Healthcare Program?

Get the Healthcare Program completely free of charge by subscribing to nrg prime energy plans!

  • For the electricity or the natural gas supply plans nrg prime & nrg prime GAS - you get healthcare coverage for one individual per connection!
  • For the combination of electricity and natural gas supply nrg TOTAL prime, - healthcare coverage for 4 people, per TOTAL plan!

Medical examinations and doctor visits in 3 simple steps!

1. Call at the 24/7/365 Coordination Center and give your details.
2. The Coordination Center undertakes to book your appointment at the contracted diagnostic center for you.
3. Go to the diagnostic center, on the date and time of the appointment and do your medical tests.

Without a doctor’s referral note, just a phone call

At your disposal 24/7 year-round!

The New Health System company, aiming to constantly improve the prime healthcare program benefits and at the same time minimize the time needed to perform the services we offer, has a Coordination/Call Center operating on a 24-hour basis, 365 days a year.

Manned by experienced administrative and nursing staff and a general practitioner doctor on-site, the Coordination center is at your disposal for:

  • Information on the program benefits and how they work.
  • Information on healthcare/diagnostic center networks supporting the program benefits.
  • Coordination services (book an appointment) to use program benefits.
  • Information to subscribers on the use and execution of the free benefits/services included in their annual preventive health check plan.
  • Coordination to address an emergency health incident.

We work with the best

New Health System (N.H.S.) is active in setting up and managing primary and secondary healthcare programs for insurance companies and organizations.   

  • It is one of the leading companies in the market.
  • It has a network of 2.000 partners across Greece and Cyprus.
  • It has a 24-hour call center to provide excellent service to its program members. 

NHS offers:

  • Healthcare programs in cooperation with organized and reliable networks of large healthcare groups and medical institutions, in all of Greece.
  • Visits to medical institutions, clinics and a nationwide network of private doctors, covering all medical specializations.
  • Diagnostic tests in contracted medical institutions, diagnostic centers, clinics.


Read more about the New Health System here.